Important Life Lessons for Force 2010 Girls Through Community Service

Our Force 2010 girls are learning some important life lessons through community service.

The girls Visited Mountain View Rehabilitation and Care Center to spend some time with the Seniors. First and foremost, we want our youth to be comfortable with people of all ages—learning how to reach out beyond their own circle.

The girls can learn a lot from the elderly—from their stories, their reminiscing, and at the same time, this gives elderly members of our community a feeling of youth and energy through spending time with the children. Intergenerational activities assist with mental health, and has proven to take residents who usually isolate themselves out of their shell, and bring happiness and light to their day.

Some of these residents do not have family, or their family is out of state. So these visits mean a lot to them. The team and residents came together to color and talk about what their Force team means to them. They also shared their successes with the Seniors. The team and residents of Mountain View Rehabilitation and Care Center were all smiles.

We are so proud of our Force ‘10 Girls team and the growth we will continue to see as these girls continue to develop as a team and as positive community members.