Force’s technical training is designed for players wanting to perform at a higher level in match situations.

PSA Force’s technical training takes small groups of players out of team training into an environment of self-examination—exploring current abilities, and then given the tools to play better soccer.

priorities Within Our technical training environment:

  1. Create an environment where players must multi-task.

  2. Challenge a player’s awareness of actions linked to successful outcomes.

  3. Promote and develop a mindset that allows freedom and creativity.

  4. Encourage a player’s ability to push beyond their self-image limits.

  5. Inspire confidence through depth and detail of performance actions.

  6. Develop a thirst to break through into new areas of game understanding and performance.

Skills such as: ball control, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, body shape, preparation, decision making, execution, follow through, varieties of communication, and a positive self-reflection are all examples of a technical training session.

For additional information or to schedule sessions contact:
Scott Willsie, Performance Training Director or 425-330-4956