Payments by Check

You may make a payment by check at any time, which should be given to your Team Manager. Be sure to include your player’s: Name, Team & Gender (i.e.: Jane Doe—Force '06 Girls) in the memo area of your check to ensure that your payment gets applied correctly.

PayPal Payments

We have also setup PayPal as a convenient option for parents to pay their monthly payments online. Please be aware that using PayPal includes a processing fee of $5.00 for each payment processed. For regular monthly payments, we have preset the required amount to include this fee.

Be sure to include your player's: Name and Team/Gender (e.g.: Jane Doe—Force '06 Girls) when making your payment via PayPal to ensure that your payment gets applied correctly. You can provide this information using the "add special instructions" area when you are creating the PayPal payment.

Paypal may also be used to pay the total season fee in full, or to make other miscellaneous Force payments.

If you do not have a PayPal account, then you can either create one, or use the "Guest Checkout" option.