Force ’10 Boys Go Undefeated in Winning First Ever Tournament

Force ‘10 Boys—2019 Cascade Cup Silver Division Champions

Force ‘10 Boys—2019 Cascade Cup Silver Division Champions

The Force ‘10 Boys is a newly formed team this year led by Head Coach Lamin Sonko and Assistant Coach Raz Sindu. The 2019 Cascade FC Cup was the team’s very first tournament—ever. The tournament was held during the weekend of June 29th and 30th in Snoqualmie, WA.

Each game they would learn more and how to keep that ball. It was amazing! We are so proud of them and looking forward to watching them grow even more as a team.
— Kara Zubal, Force '10 Boys Team Manager

Our boys played hard and went undefeated while winning all 3 of their preliminary games by scores of: 8-0, 4-0, and 6-0, outscoring their opponents by a total margin of 18-0! The boys then went on to the finals of the Silver bracket and won the Championship Match by a score of 3-1.

The other teams all thought we were from the south end, not having heard of PSA Force before. But they definitely know who we are now!
— Kara Zubal, Force B10 Team Manager

Congratulations Force ‘10 Boys—what a great way to start your season! Keep up the hard work. We look forward to seeing how far you can go together in the future.