Answers to Questions we often get asked:

Q: Who is PSA Force?

Force is the Select/Premier soccer program of Pilchuck Soccer Alliance (PSA). We are a close-knit soccer community formed out of a merger of several successful youth soccer clubs from the Marysville, Arlington, and Lakewood areas with decades of history behind us. We provide players in Snohomish County and the greater Seattle area with the opportunity to be coached and play soccer at the Select and Premier level. Our teams play in either the North Puget Sound League (NPSL) or the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL), and compete with some of the top youth soccer teams in the State of Washington.

Q: Do players have to be at all of the tryout days?

Not necessarily, however the tryout sessions are when coaches will be evaluating players and making their decisions regarding which players will be selected for the team. So the more time coaches have to evaluate your player, the better. This is also a great opportunity for players to get to know and evaluate the coaches as well to make sure it will be a good fit.

Q: Can a player ‘play up’ and tryout for an older team?

Players are not prohibited from playing up, however we strongly encourage players to tryout and play at their own age. Typically, unless a player is likely to be one of the top-5 players on the older team, we discourage them from playing up. If you would like to tryout for an older team, you will be asked to indicate this during registration, and be sure to let the coaches know right away if your intention is to tryout for more than one Force team.

Q: Can a player tryout for more than one team?

Yes, as long as you let the coaches know right away of your intention to tryout for more than one Force team.

Q: Can a player tryout even if they aren't sure they want to play select/Premier soccer?

Yes. Tryouts are free, so there is nothing to lose. Plus, it can be a great experience for players who are “on the fence” about whether or not they are ready for the commitment that Select/Premier soccer requires. But please let the coaches know up-front if you do not intend to join the team if selected.

Q: Do you play all year long, and How does That work with players who play other sports?

Typically, FORCE soccer teams train and play year round. Practices start in June, and teams will typically play in at least 2 tournaments over the summer. The Fall season games start in September and go into early December (except for High School girls). There is then usually a short break during the holidays, and practices resume again in the new year to get ready for the Spring season (except for High School boys) and/or State Cup Tournament. Depending on how far a team advances in the State Cup will determine how long their season goes. Players are not necessarily required to play both Fall and Spring seasons, but it will be highly encouraged. The coaches for each team will determine what their team’s plan will be for the season. Be sure to ask this of the coach for the team your player is trying out for. If a player participates in another sport during the months of January-April while also playing soccer with FORCE, we require that they attend at least one FORCE soccer practice per week.

Q: Do high school girls and boys have different season schedules?

Yes. Select/Premier Clubs in the State of Washington have made an agreement with the School System so that players may participate in both Club and High School soccer. High School age Girls FORCE teams will train through the summer, and play in summer tournaments. But they will take a break from Club soccer around mid-August so they may participate in High School soccer. Force Girls teams will start training again towards the end of November, once their High School soccer season is over. Games will start in January, and go through the end of March or beginning of April. High School age Boys FORCE teams also train through the summer, and play in summer tournaments. Their games start in the Fall like other FORCE teams. However, they will break during the Spring for High School soccer.

Q: How many days a week do we practice?

Beginning in June, most teams practice only twice a week. However, some teams may also have optional additional training on Fridays, which means practicing 3 times a week.

Q: How far do we have to travel for games?

This depends on which league and which division your team plays in. Teams playing in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL) typically do not travel as far away for games as teams playing in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL). Most teams playing in the NPSL do not travel outside of the greater Puget Sound area (as far north as Bellingham, as far south as Tacoma, as far east as Issaquah, and as far west as Bremerton or Sequim).

However teams playing in the PSPL may have to travel throughout the State of Washington, including Eastern Washington. This may also be the case for all FORCE teams participating in the Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) President’s Cup State Tournament, because it is a state-wide tournament with teams participating from all WYS clubs and leagues.

Q: How much does FORCE cost, and what does it include?

Our FORCE program was designed to provide the highest value competitive soccer experience available. The Player Fee varies slightly from year-to-year based on the costs associated with running the program, but typically is less than $1,000 (about a third of the cost of most other clubs in our area).

2019/2020 Player Fee: $805 Total

(Includes $105 Registration Fee)

Player Fee Includes:

  • Club Registration Fee

  • Fall NPSL League Fees

  • 2 Local Summer Tournaments

  • Performance Training

  • Specialized Goalkeeper Training

  • Fields (Turf/Natural Grass) & Lighting for Training/Matches

  • Match Referees

  • Coaches, Directors & Club Administration

  • League Player Cards & Other Administrative Costs

Adidas Uniform Kit:

The cost of our Adidas uniform kit is in addition to the Player Fee, and ranges from about $300 to $350, depending on the size of the gear (less for youth sizes, and a bit more for adult sizes).

Uniform Kit Includes:

  • Force Training Jersey (1-total)

  • Adidas Home & Away Game Jerseys (2-total)

  • Adidas Shorts (1-pair)

  • Adidas Socks (1-pair)

  • Adidas Warmup Jacket & Pants (1-each)

  • Adidas Team Backpack (1-total)

Note: Individual items may also be purchased separately as needed (e.g.: you may wish to purchase additional pairs of game socks, shorts, etc.)

Spring NPSL League:

The NPSL Spring League is an additional cost of approximately $100/player (cost varies slightly depending on the roster size of the team).

Washington Youth Soccer State Cup Tournament:

Teams participating in State Cup Tournaments will also have an additional fee of approximately $75/player (cost varies depending on the specific tournament entered, the roster size, etc.)

Additional Tournaments:

Teams wishing to compete in additional tournaments will incur the extra costs associated with these (only applies if your team opts to do more than 2 summer tournaments).

How do I get started?

We recommend that you register for tryouts online prior to attending. This will speed up the check-in process once you arrive at the field.


Contact our Director of Coaching: Kelly Huestis